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Mid-Level Corporate Managers

Land the Promotion, Earn a Raise, Achieve Executive-Level Status.

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Enjoy Daily
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Reaching the Corporate Executive Level is Hard


Unwritten Rules at Your Organization are Preventing You from Getting Promoted

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You Want to Know How To

  • Advance to the Next Level
  • Be Noticed by the Right People
  • Successfully Lead Your Team
  • Develop High-Value Relationships
  • Effectively Manage Pressures from Both Above & Below
  • Free Yourself from the Prison of Self-Doubt & Self-Criticism

Career-Accelerating Assessments, Online Courses

& Group Coaching


With a Clear Roadmap for Corporate Advancement you can:

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Excel as a Confident

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Enjoy Positive


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Tame Your

You Deserve a Career You Love

Find the Hidden Staircase to Executive-Level Status at your Company

At Unlearning Work, we know you want to be a successful executive leader. To do that, you need a strategic playbook for advancement tailored to your unique situation. 

We believe everyone should be well rewarded for the value they deliver at work. And we understand what it's like to be frustrated not knowing when advancement will come. Which is why we provide road-tested tools & tactics to strategically guide business leaders to get exactly where they want to go.

Erin Meredith the founder of Unlearning Work LLC

Erin Merideth, Leadership Expert & Founder of Unlearning Work

3 Steps to Greater Career Success

Receive a Custom-Built Plan to

Land the Promotion, Earn a Raise & Achieve Executive-Level Status

Step 1

Take the Promotion Archetype Assessment

Step 2

Get a Strategic Playbook to
Achieve Your Career Goals

Step 3

Enjoy Work Again,
Back in the Driver’s Seat
of Your Career

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The Unlearning Work Promise

 A Results-Focused Approach Custom-Built for your Unique Situation

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Proven Results

Road-tested techniques
to catapult you forward

Judgement Free

We start from where you
are on your leadership
journey & fast-track you
from there

Progress On Your Terms

You Set the Timeline for
Action & Momentum

Clear Roadmap

Career success plan
personalized for you
& your goals

Career-Accelerating Tools to Help Move You Up the Corporate Ladder

women in orange standing in front of a whiteboard talking to two seated colleagues

Promotion Archetype Assessment

Take the Assessment
An an older women standing in front of room full of colleagues collaborating

The Promotion Academy Course

Learn More
Three colleagues discussing a presentation in a conference room with the presentation projected on the wall

Promotion Success Circle Coaching Program

Learn More
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Client Testimonial

"Erin's coaching is so engaging that it sparked great insights, and I was also able to make deliberate actions that changed the conversations around me."

- Technical Manager, S&P 100 Technology Company

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Client Testimonial

"I appreciate Erin's help and the effort she undertook as my Leadership Coach in spending time with my staff and me, gathering and reviewing engagement and Team feedback. She helped me come up with actionable feedback for my personal development & growth. Erin's the best!! :)"

- Sr Director, Sales S&P 100 Company

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Client Testimonial

"Erin is a gifted coach and a natural leader. She helped my leadership team to improve their effectiveness by helping them uncover tools and techniques that can be used for success in our global world today."

- CFO, S&P 600 Technology Company

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