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A Comprehensive Overview of My Background and Expertise


I'm a Leadership & Talent Strategy Expert and the Founder of Unlearning Work. With over 25 years of executive-level experience in technology, human resources, and sales, I've honed my expertise in Organizational Design, Human Behavioral Research, Organizational Psychology, and Scientific Talent Assessment. I'm a Professional Certified Coach (PCC through ICF) and CPTD certified (through ATD).

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My Experience and Professional Journey

I've had the privilege of coaching some of the top business leaders worldwide, helping them reach their goals with strategic guidance. I've facilitated senior executives and Centers of Excellence at S&P 100 companies, developing innovative workforce development practices. As a trusted advisor, I provide research, design, and insights on Leadership Workforce Strategy, rooted in human behavior, organizational design, and business strategy. You can learn more about my background by visiting my LinkedIn Profile


My Goals and Philosophy: Guiding Principles and Aspirations

I love connecting with people, and in 2020, I began coaching individuals and teams. The same research and insights that drive business strategy can be transformative for individuals and teams. I'm dedicated to alleviating the pain and frustration that can come with work, using my executive experience to help others navigate their careers.

I understand the challenges of the corporate world and have learned valuable lessons along the way. My practical approach helps clients achieve success while maintaining work/life balance. I guide clients from a place of non-judgment, helping them make strategic decisions to thrive both at work and in life. 

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